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Short Term Loans

If you need a short-term loan, we have a solution you'll love. Submit the application on this page and you can get pre-approved for a fast short-term loan with no credit check or cosigner. There's no obligation and the process is completely free.

A short-term loan is any type of loan that's paid off in a few weeks or months. Many types of loans fall under this category, such as a payday loan, cash advances and short-term installment loans. You can even get a short-term title loan. Although title loans typically have longer repayment terms, there's the option of paying off these loans early with no prepayment penalty.

But if you've never applied for a short-term loan, many thoughts might run through your head. On one hand, you need cash. But on the other hand, you may wonder whether this is the right loan solution for you. Many people use banks and credit unions when they need short-term cash. The problem, however, is that banks don't approve every applicant.

If you have bad credit or no credit history, the odds of getting approved for a traditional loan are slim to none. Banks are extremely particular. Traditional lenders favor applicants with high credit scores, and those with lower scores typically need a cosigner.

Since banks don't make the lending process easy, it's time to consider other alternatives like a short-term loan.

Get Started with a Short-Term Loan

Once you submit an application to get your free estimate, you'll be directed to speak with a customer loan representative. This individual is highly knowledgeable and knows a lot about short term loans. The rep you speak with is more than qualified to answer any questions you have -- and let's be honest, you probably have a lot of questions. For example:

  • Do these loans have a high interest rate?
  • How much can I get?
  • What does it take to qualify?

Short-term loans are one of the best options available because they're affordable. If you're considering alternative financing, you may think these loans come with high interest rates, resulting in higher monthly payments. But what you may not realize is that short-term loans often feature low, competitive interest rates. Just like any other type of loan, the sooner you pay off your loan, the less you'll pay in interest pay.

Short-Terms for Any Emergency

These loans are also ideal because you can get hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some people apply because they only need a couple hundred dollars to deal with a car repair, whereas others apply because they need much more to handle a large home repair or another big expense. If an emergency occurs and you don't have enough cash, it's easy to panic and worry. But rather than let emotions get the best of you, consider your options.

Short-term loans are more accessible than you think, and there's a good chance you'll meet the qualifications. You have to be at least 18 years old to get a short-term loan, and you also need proof of income. Your income can come from many different sources, such as an employer, alimony, child support or unemployment. If you're applying for a car title loan, you'll also need a free and clear car title, and you'll need to give the lender possession of the title until you repay the loan.

There's so much to learn about short-term loans, which is why you'll benefit from a brief consultation with a loan rep. Our reps are extremely friendly and they know a lot about alternative financing. It doesn't matter how many questions you have, they're here when you need them.

Give us a call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get started, or fill out the application on this page. As you can see, you don't have to provide a lot of information, which is quite different from any bank loan.

When you apply for a bank loan, the application can be pages long, and it can take days to hear back. Response times with a short-term loan are much quicker, and most applicants get their cash in 24 hours or less. Imagine having cash in your bank account by this time tomorrow. This is a real possibility when you apply for a short-term loan.

The Convenience and Flexibility of Fast Loans

Since our application is online, getting a loan is super convenient. You don't have to leave your house or travel across town to speak with a loan officer. And if you decide to get a short-term loan, we have locations in your city so you don't have to travel far to pick up your cash. If you prefer, we can direct deposit funds into a bank account.

We are here to serve you and make your life a lot easier, and when you apply for a short-term loan getting cash doesn't get any easier.

We offer customizable loans to fit your circumstances. We realize that everyone has a different situation, and a repayment plan that works for one person may not work for another. If you can pay off your short-term loan in a few weeks, that's wonderful. But if you need longer terms, we can make this happen for you.

Our service is unique and our ultimate goal is to get you cash when you need it most. If your vehicle breaks down and you need new brakes, a new transmission or other repair work, there's no time to delay. You need a fast answer and quick cash, and this is what we offer. To get started, give us a call or complete the application on this page. Loan estimates are free and there's never any obligation.

You may think a bank is the best option, but many people who apply for personal bank loans can't qualify. The odds are in your favor with alternative lending.

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