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Loans for Recent Bankruptcy

Maybe you never thought you'd have to declare bankruptcy, but life interfered with your well-made plans. Are you feeling defeated, like bankruptcy has destroyed your sense of normal? There's a way to overcome the financial struggle of bankruptcy, and you can get cash up front without a required credit check. How? By applying online for a title loan on your car.

You've already gone through a lot: filling out stacks of paperwork, up late at night worrying about how bankruptcy will affect you and your family. Now that you've finally put it behind you, can you actually move past it without any further obstacles in your path? Yes! You don't have to let bankruptcy on your credit report forever ruin your opportunity to get loans, not if you own your car outright. Since your car is completely paid off and in your name, you can use the title as collateral and get an online, no-hassle loan today.

Gone Bankrupt? We Can Help

We have principles we stand by. One major aspect of what we do is this: your life is your life. We are not here to make judgements on your character based on your credit report. That makes zero sense. You are an individual with a past, just like us, and a major part of your past was working towards paying off your car. That is a big accomplishment, and one that can't lose its shine, no matter if you've gone bankrupt before or after the fact.

We cut out all the awkwardness of credit checks by doing just that: cutting them out of the equation. You don't have to submit your social security number to get a free quote. All you need to clue us in on is your name, your phone number, and the make and model of your car. We will send a car title loan estimate just seconds later.

We walk you through the title loan application step-by-step, and here's an example of how it works:

  1. Review your personalized quote and see what you think.
  2. Get advice from our trained, experienced title loan advisors.
  3. Pick out the perfect title loan for you.
  4. Come to our local office, hand over your title and grab cash.

See how easy it is? We're not lying to you - auto title loans are seriously the prime solution when you need to scrape together cash and don't want to deal with a credit check after your recent bankruptcy. Since your paid-off car title works as a secure backing for the loan, your credit is not needed to guarantee low interest rates and payment plans to match your current income.

Get a Secured Loan After Bankruptcy

The only thing we ask you to prove is that you are who you say you are, and that you own your car minus any other liens. We don't even mind if you're unemployed - we can still find you a title loan in that scenario. Loans for bankrupts are our specialty, because you are working towards building a solid financial future and want to get ahead. We admire your stick-to- it-iveness and you can lean on us when you need guidance. With years of car title loan experience under our belts, we know the answer to any question or concern before you even ask. When you call to talk to one of our caring team members, you'll see why getting a secured loan after bankruptcy is easy through us.

We offer car title loans in Florida, as well as the following metro areas: