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Boat Title Loans

Boat title loans are a fast and efficient way of getting the money you need by using your boat’s title as collateral. That means that you can get a loan just by providing some information about your boat’s papers, no credit check required. Borrowing with your boat is so quick and easy that you can have your cash in as little as 24 hours.

Like a car title loan, boat title loans are a stress-free way to handle unexpected expenses or challenging financial times. All you need to do to get started is fill out a fast, one-page online application.

How Boat Title Loans Work

Boat title loans in Florida aren’t much different from any other form of title loan. Your boat title is used directly as security for the loan, meaning that the lender will hang onto the boat title throughout the life of your loan as a way of making sure you’re invested in the borrowing process.

Your lender won’t assume control of the boat, itself. That stays with you the whole time. They just hang onto the title until everything is repaid.

This way, the lender is able to give out more money faster – upwards of $20,000 depending on your boat’s value. You’ll hammer out your terms and conditions based off of your needs, and then you’ll be able to drop of your title and pick up your new line of credit from any one of hundreds of locations that we have around Florida.

Bad credit and bankruptcy aren’t a problem. All you need to get started is a clean vessel title with no liens against it.

Boat Title Loan Requirements

There are a few requirements when it comes to boat title loans, the first of was already mentioned – the boat title has to be clean. Additionally, it has to be yours. You won’t be able to borrow with a title under another person’s name.

That means that if you own a boat, you’re eligible for approval. In fact, when you apply you’ll receive an instant prequalification decision along with an estimate letting you know the potential value of your loan.

Once you have your loan set up, you’ll need to verify a few more things just to make sure we’re getting the right loan to the right person. Among other things, you may need a valid government-issued ID, proof of registration and/or insurance, and proof of income. If you’re unemployed and receiving other aid or benefits, you may be able to use that, instead.

How To Receive Your Boat Title Loan

First, you have to apply. Simply provide some information about your boat, including:

  1. Watercraft type
  2. Model year
  3. Make
  4. Model
  5. And some contact information so we can get in touch

That’s when you’ll get that pre-approval decision and estimate. When you have that, give us a call and one of our trained loan specialists will work directly with you to set up your loan terms as well as a manageable repayment plan.

You get to name your conditions and benefits, and your specialist will work with our team of secure lenders to build the boat title loan that will get you what you need. You’ll also get to work out a repayment plan that gives you the flexibility to repay in installments over a period of up to 12 months.

You’ll get some of the most competitive benefits in the industry, too, including:

  • Industry-low interest rates
  • Multiple flexible repayment options
  • Options for the unemployed
  • On-call customer support
  • Never any hidden fees or conditions

You’ll work out your whole loan over the phone and at your convenience. Once everything has been set to your liking, you’ll be ready to pick up your loan money. Your specialist will let you know what exactly you need to bring to finish up your loan at that point, too.

We have hundreds of convenient locations across Florida – just pick the one that works best for you. You’ll finish up with the last few details there and then drop off your title and pick up your cash. Plus, while our specialists are on call to assist you, you’ll be able to speak directly with someone at this time to get the most complete information possible about your loan.

What A Boat Title Loan Can Do

In short, boat titles can do just about anything you need. When life throws you a curveball a title loan is the perfect place to get started with getting things back in order.

Quick cash means that you’ll be able to react fast, and no credit check means that we can help you out regardless of your financial history. Medical emergencies, large bills, and catching up the rent, mortgage or utilities are all easy with a boat title loan.

Boat title loans are also a great alternative to car title loans when you don’t want to use your primary vehicle directly as collateral. They give you all of the same benefits by using your watercraft in your car’s place.

A boat title loan will also let you take control of your circumstances and pay down your loan for good. Since a lump-sum payment is not required, boat title loans don’t just push the financial burden a bit further down the road.

Instead, by letting borrowers pay back in installments, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re taking care of your expenses fully and completely, while still leaving you the financial flexibility to take care of your own, personal costs while you repay.

Should your circumstances ever change and you need to adjust the terms or payment of your boat title loan, your specialist will be on call to work with you. That means that you also get the flexibility to not worry too much about your loan if and when life changes your plans.

With just one quick online application, you can get the cash you need with a Florida boat title loan. Apply now to find out instantly if you’re preapproved and have your loan as soon as tomorrow.